Seville University Law Librarian Visit

During the Summer we were lucky enough to welcome Maria Jose Martínez Ruiz to Swansea University Information Services and Systems (ISS).  Maria has been a University Librarian for 21 years in Spain, and she has spent the last 15 years working as the Law Librarian based at Universidad de SevillaBiblioteca de Derecho y Ciencias del Trabajo (University of Seville, Law and Labour Library).

Maria spent a week here in the Library learning about how Swansea University provides high quality books and electronic resources to their students both on and off-campus.  She was able to do this by being awarded a grant through the Erasmus programme which gives University staff the opportunity to spend a short period of time teaching or working in a partner University.

(L-R) Clare Boucher, Maria Jose Martínez Ruiz , Sean Barr

Maria said “Swansea University Library is very modern, and having all the services in the same place is better.  The staff based in the Library are very nice and friendly.  The old part of the campus is very pretty and Swansea is a marvellous city, it’s very green and tranquil”

Maria spent the week sharing best practice with various departments in ISS, including our careers service.  Maria said “In Sevilla we do not have a careers service, Swansea University’s careers service is a good idea.”

It was also a great opportunity for staff members based here in ISS to exchange ideas with Maria.  Sean Barr, Law Librarian here at Swansea University said “It’s been a great opportunity to meet with a colleague from abroad.  It has  been great to exchange ideas and to learn about how Spanish Academic Libraries support their students.”

Katrina Dalziel, Deputy Subject Librarian for the College of Medicine also added “Maria has implemented some great ideas and tools in her library in Spain, especially the virtual online chat facility, where students can ask questions straight away in a chat pane.  It’s also been really useful to see how Maria uses Social Media tools in her library to contact students.”

Finally Maria added “I will be taking back a lot of great ideas from Swansea University Library, in Sevilla we are a lot stricter but here you have a cafe in your library and a book drop where you can return books even when the library is closed.”


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